Looking for some tools & resources to
Grow Your Coaching Practice?

Well, you've come to the right place!

Hi, my name is Brian Hilliard and as author of the best-selling book Networking Like a Pro,
I show Coaches and Consultants on how to brand & grow their Practice.

I've been a Speaker & Coach for 15 years, and during that time I’ve authored 5 books, published 200+ videos/audios and worked with literally hundreds of clients in the areas of Marketing, Mindset & Personal Achievement.

In a nutshell, I know what it takes to ethically market and get more coaching clients...without sounding pushy, salesy or otherwise over the top.

And it is my hope that you take some of the tools and resources I use, implement them, and apply it to the growth of your Practice.

All the best,


Coach & Best-Selling Author
Marketing & Client Acquisition Columnist (International Coaches Federation)

Tools of the Trade

Less Annoying CRM
Contact Management System

What a lifesaver!!!

Not only does Less Annoying CRM let you keep up with contacts, along with a calendar feature, but you can also create tasks and set reminders for specific actions so you don't forget!  (Lifesaver!)

This is perfect for Coaches who are looking to build their Practice through word of mouth and want to keep up with the people they meet networking, as well as those looking for a better "follow up" system with perspective clients / speaking gigs.

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Online Newsletter Plateform

Here's the deal: If you're a Coach or Consultant and you're NOT publishing content through an online newsletter, then you are absolutely leaving business on the table, and impacting significantly less people than you otherwise could. :(

The good news?

MailChimp is a quick and easy way to get your online newsletter up and running fast.

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Smarter Queue
Social Media Automation...way better than Hootsuite or Buffer :)

So here's the deal: You know that you need to be out there on social media. And you also know that (fresh) content is king.

But where do you find the time to push out all of that content so you can stay of mind with your perspective clients?

Option #1: Hire out Barley (my dog) @ $15/hr.  (He's very smart.)
Option #2: Consider the fine folks at Smarter Queue.

Yes, I'd like to learn more about this nifty service.