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Brian HilliardBrian Hilliard is a popular speaker and author of the best-selling book Networking Like a Pro!

As creator of the popular programHow to Brand & Grow Your Coaching PracticeBrian specializes in showing Coaches how to powerfully market and brand their Coaching Practice in their own voice…without seeming “salesy” or over the top while doing it.

Brian is a regular columnist for the International Coaches Federation (ICF) online magazine, as well as having his work appear in Coaching World and the Martha Zoller Morning Show – where his interview was broadcast to over 2 million listeners.
As a graduate of Duke University, Brian started his Coaching Practice in 2001 and during that time he has written 5 books, created over 200+ videos, podcasts/audios, and has literally worked with hundreds of Clients in the areas of Marketing, Mindset & Personal Achievement.

He also hosts “Brand & Grow Your Coaching Practice, the weekly podcast for entrepreneurial Coaches looking to powerfully market their Practice…without being “salesy” or over the top in the process.

When not speaking & traveling at his popular ClientBuilder Networking Events, Brian enjoys playing golf, basketball and watching as many movies as possible on NetFlix.

For more information on having Mr. Hilliard speak
at your annual event
, conference or function, please email
brian at agitoconsulting.com.





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