2 Quick Ways to Get Higher Paying Coaching & Consulting Clients

2 Quick Ways to Get Higher Paying Clients

Are you a Coach or Consultant looking for some ways to book higher paying clients?  Then you’ll want to check out best-selling author Brian Hilliard’s latest on 2 quick ways to get higher paying coaching & consulting clients.



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Audio Transcription

Hey guys. Brian Hilliard here, author of the best selling book Networking Like a Pro and you are listening to Practice Builder Marketing, the podcast designed to help speakers, coaches and consultants get more business through word of mouth.


Now today we are going to talk about two quick ways to get higher paying coaching and consulting clients. We’re going to have a conversation around what you can do to be more successful in getting higher paying clients because here’s the bottom line. I always tell people the mortgage doesn’t pay for itself. The bottom line really is the fact that it is much easier to work with 5 higher paying clients than it is 25 lower paying ones.


I understand there might be some people who are just starting off or maybe have been doing this for a while and trying to figure out. Boy, you know what? I’m having a hard time getting the price for my current clients. I’m having a hard time getting that just from them right now. How is it that I’m going to get higher paying clients?


So what we’re going to do is we’re going to kind of get into a couple of quick ways that you can be more successful in that regard.


The first one right off the bat is you absolutely have to develop a niche market. You have to develop a niche market. Now I’m not the first person who said that in terms of that term. That’s not my term but a niche market just in case you haven’t heard it before, a niche market simply is a group of people who are really focused on developing or getting – not developing – getting whatever it is that you are providing through your business.


So let me just kind of break this out for you. A niche market, there’s a guy I know who puts out material for youth pastors, youth ministries. So I don’t know if you go to church or not. But if you do, you know that there are all kinds of ministries. There’s a sports ministry which actually I’m a part of.


There is a youth ministry which I am not. There are young adults. There are singles. There’s this, married. There are all these different ministries. Well, what this guy did was he developed curriculum for youth ministers, meaning that these youth ministers each week had to have something to talk to these folks about.


He realized that you know what, these guys are volunteers. They’re not fulltime. No one wants to look like an idiot in front of the group but at the same time, they don’t have time to really be looking around all this time for stuff to talk about.


So what he did was he developed curriculum for youth ministers. He said, “For $9.95 a month, you pay me 10 bucks a month, and I will give you each week, I will give you curriculum that you can use for your youth ministers.”


Now that is a perfect niche market, in this case youth ministers, as opposed to if you just said, you know what – let’s just put a different example. As opposed to if you’re a coach and you just taught say networking. If I just tell you I teach networking or I do marketing, that’s not really a niche market. You might have a target market of people that you work with, entrepreneurs and salespeople and stuff like that. But it’s not a niche market. A niche market would be taking it to the next level.


A friend of mine does the exact same thing, marketing and networking, except he does it with family-owned businesses and husband-wife team. You see how I just really delved in there? I just took a real deep dive and now I have a niche market.


So whatever it is that you do as a consultant, as a coach, whatever, look at not just your target market but look at the niche market. Maybe it’s industry. Maybe it’s business sector. Maybe it’s – it’s usually not just a gender-specific so it’s usually – I see a lot of ladies out there, women coaches, who say that they specialize in working with female entrepreneurs and there are so many of those out there. I don’t even know if that would be considered a target market anymore, let alone a niche market.


But just to extend that analogy a little bit or that point – not analogy but that point a little bit. If you say that you work with female executives of Fortune 500 companies, you see how we’re getting into a little bit more of a niche market. I’m actually OK with that. So the first thing you need to do is you need to be able to get yourself a niche market.


The second quick way to get more higher paying clients and it’s real simple and I talk about it a lot but a lot of people don’t do it. Embody your service. You have to embody your service. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that when people look at you, they need to look at you – and this is how I explain it. They need to look at you as a present example of a future state that they want to get to.


Let me say that again. When people look at you, they need to look at you as a present example of a future state that they want to get to. So if I’m a marketing guy which obviously I am, I do a lot as you know, coaches, consultants, speakers and stuff like that.


If you saw me – let’s just say you’re thinking about maybe going into one of our programs and then if you do, that’s great. If not, that’s fine. But let’s just say you’re thinking about it.


If you saw me and I’m telling you that I’m all about word of mouth marketing and monetizing a free speaking engagement and grow and monetize your reputation as an expert, if you heard me say those things but you did not see me doing those things, if you did not feel like I was not just capable of it but actually doing it, you are going to be less inclined to want to work with me even if you do think I know what I’m doing.


There’s this component of walking the walk that for whatever reason, I think good reasons, we’re as human beings really tuned into. I see a lot of coaches and consultants who they go out there and they’ve got this service, this thing that they’re supposed to be really good at but they don’t seem to do it for their own business. I know of one lady who’s supposed to be actually talked about. She’s supposed to be a social media person and a marketing person and this and that and all and whatever. She didn’t have her own website and was criticizing mine by the way.


“I don’t like this site.”


I’m like, “OK, well, let’s take a look at yours.”


She didn’t have one. That’s hard for me to open up my wallet especially if you’re looking to get higher paying clients. It’s hard for me to open up my wallet and write the big check, right? That’s a capital B and C by the way. It’s hard for me to open up my wallet and write the big check if I don’t feel like you’re actually doing what it is you say you’re doing.


So take a look at your business. Take a look at your own business. Are you walking your walk? Are you embodying your service? That does not mean that you have to be perfect. So don’t hear that. But it does mean if you’re a marketing person and you’re a marketing coach, you need to be doing these marketing things.


If you’re an organizational or productivity coach, you need to be pretty organized. If you’re a business coach, you need to have some systems in place. If you’re a life coach, you need to make sure that you look like you’ve got some work-life balance.


If you’re an operations consultant, you need to have an operations manual. When you do those two things together, we’re talking about the niche market and embodying your service, that is a great way to get off to a terrific start regarding getting higher paying clients. Hopefully that makes sense. Hopefully these are some things that you can see yourself using.


If you would like to get a little deeper dive, we actually have our blog. It is called practice builder blog. That’s www.PracticeBuilderBlog.com. We also have a number of different live events. We do live events. We do webinars, things like that. So one of the workshops actually is on how to get, find and win higher paying clients.


So you can find all that information right there. But in the meantime, my name is Brian Hilliard saying so long, take care and thank you for your time.