3 Ways to Beat the Summer Slowdown & Get More Coaching Clients

With the kids out of school and people at the pool, you know what that means…the Summer Slowdown is here!

That’s right, over the next few weeks people are going to be running around, doing stuff and giving your every reason they can think of for why they want to “wait until after the summer” to start working together.

And for most coaches that can feel like a poorly executed belly flop in the middle of a cold pool.

But the good news is there are some ways to get more clients during the summer, and here are three of my favorites.


Re-engage Past Clients & Current Marketing Partners.

This is absolutely crucial for your summer success because it has you spending time with people who know you, and have worked with you before.

For past clients, start with people you’ve worked with over the last 6 to 12 months.

Give them a call.

See how they’re doing.  And make sure to specifically ask about their progress in the area where you guys worked.

After hearing what they say, and depending on the situation, consider making an offer to reinitiate your work together.  Now this isn’t applicable in all situations (sometimes people really are all set), but if it sounds like they haven’t achieved the level of progress they’d originally hoped for, then consider this:

Hey, I’m not sure if this is something you’d like to do, and if not that’s totally fine.  But if you’d like, we can set up some time to talk next week about some of the stuff we previously worked on and really get our arms around getting things moving again.  

I’m thinking 20, 30 minutes, on me so there’s no money involved, and we can talk about some of the challenges you’ve encountered and help you get unstuck.  And afterwards, if it looks like we want to do some work together going forward, great.  If not, that’s no problem either, but at least we get you into action for where you want to go.


When presented during the right situations, I’ve never had a problem with that.

As far as marketing partners are concerned, these are people who have given you a referral or are one of your “raving fans”.

You’ll want to call them too and see “if they’d like to get together for some coffee.  I know things have been real busy lately, and I was hoping we could sit down to talk about some different ways we might be able to pass referrals and help each other out.”

For these folks, you’re looking at developing a mutually beneficial relationship – either through referrals, testimonials or even social shares – that can help you attract more clients.


Consider Holding Webinars.

Now webinars can be a huge topic, so for today let’s just stick to a couple of reasons why they are a good idea during the summer.

Number one, webinars are a great way to attract busy people who want to learn more about your topic, but don’t have a lot of time. They’re quick, convenient, and are usually free.

Which is perfect for busy summer time learners!

Secondly, webinars are recyclable.

Meaning, even if people can’t make your live session, you can always record it so they can hear it later.  Again, this is tailor made for parents who have summer time activities during the day, but want to listen in at night.

As I said before, webinars are a huge topic, and there are definitely some do’s and don’ts when it comes to holding successful ones.  But when done right, they can really give you a lift for generating clients over the summer.


Start Creating Online Funnels.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “funnel” allow me to explain.

An online funnel is a series of steps that prospects go through, where at the end, they wind up as clients of yours in some capacity.  For example, one funnel might look like this:

  1. Read an article of yours online,
  2. Download a free report from your website (as a result of reading your article),
  3. Get an offer to attend a free webinar (as a result of downloading the free report and being on your “list”),
  4. Listen to your webinar and decide to hire you as a coach.

Now that’s very high level, but you get the idea.

Funnels are a series of coordinated steps designed to get people to consider hiring you as a coach.

And the reason I like them so much during the summer is because it creates a series of steps where prospects can “self select” and literally show up right at your door!  No more making phone calls and chasing people around.

If interested, they continue to take the next step, until hopefully they decide to hire you.


Bottom Line

The summer time is going to be a little slower then other parts of the year…no question about that.  But if you implement some of these suggestions, there’s no reason why you can mitigate its effect, and start getting more coaching clients in the weeks ahead.